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A hollow steel bow by Jean-Baptiste VUILLAUME, c. 1834.

This is what Roger Millant write about these bows, in "J.B. VUILLAUME; his life and work" (W.E. Hill & sons / London 1972.)
In 1834, Jean-Baptiste Vuillaume, always trying something new, attempted to put a form of hollow steel bow on the market. It was intended to have the lightness and supple quality of a wood bow, but the real reason for its manufacture was the difficulty in obtaining pernambuco wood of good enough quality for bow making. The head, very elongated, was of the type known as "swan neck", and is a more or less exact copy of the Lafleur bow... The nut, of normal design, is constructed on rather heavy lines, and should not be attributed to any J. B. Vuillaume s bow-makers. The weight is slightly above average, 62 - 63 gm. The bow was sold for 25 francs, the same price as its normal counterpart. It was made for six years up until 1850 at the rate of five hundred per year, and at the start it met with a certain amount of succes. The great violinist, De Bériot, among others, used this type of bow. Paganini himself, was another user, [as he wrote to M. Fétis in 1840.]
Length: 74,5cm.

4 000 €.

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